At the heart of VOTESart are residencies that engage with voters in three ways.


House Concerts

VOTESart provides short concerts as a centerpiece for house parties that bring together people with the common goals of increasing voter turnout and voter engagement. 


These house concerts create a gathering space for local community members to engage in dialogue, and can be as simple as events that provide information about how to vote and help register others. These house parties may involve fundraising and/or presentations by local political organizations, helping community members become more active in local and national politics.

Pop-up concerts

VOTESart organizes pop-up concerts in community spaces, to connect the shared experience of a public concert with volunteers who register voters. VOTESart musicians organize performing ensembles that fit into each community space. Volunteers who register voters during the performances can be members of partnering local political organizations, VOTESart musicians, or interested community members.


Community spaces are defined as anywhere that people can gather, and can include public parks, farmers markets, stores, restaurants, breweries, town squares, college campuses, and many, many more!


Educational Workshops

VOTESart musicians engage with students near voting age to create dialogue about democracy and creative methods of civic engagement. These student workshops in high school and college classrooms include musical performances, student-led interactive musical activities, and open discussions about the importance and relevance of civic engagement.


Students discuss subjects and activities about which they are passionate, and brainstorm creative ways to connect those subjects and activities with local politics and civic engagement.